Lemmer. Zijlroede Channel

In front of us there is Zijlroede bridge over the channel in the city of Lemmer, which is located on the shores of the artificial freshwater lake of IJsselmeer. It was created at the beginning of the last century on the place of the former Zuiderzee Bay as part of a comprehensive plan of the land reclamation of the country.

Lemmer, with a population of only 10 thousand people, is the largest water sports center in the whole of Friesland province. There is a World Heritage Site, Ir.DF Woudagemaal steam pumping station open almost a hundred years ago, and today it is the largest operating plant of this type.

On the camera, we see the entrance to Schirm Lemmer B.V. clothing store. Basically business suits of prestigious European brands are sold here. We can say that this is a typical pattern of a Dutch urban road: cyclists are in priority, there are very few cars, and the active life of water transport can be seen on the channels adjacent to the road.