Petten. The Watersnip Camping

The town of Petten, in the north of the Netherlands, is known for its magnificent sandy beach. You can stay in one of the comfortable hotels or campgrounds along the coast. The camera, which is installed by the Watersnip campground, is on the large beach parking of the resort. At the opposite side of the parking lot is the information center, Informatiecentrum Kust, Zand tegen Zee.

The sightseeing camera shows not only the tourists who come by car to take a dip in the sea, but also Petten and part of the beach. As soon as you climb the stairs up the hill, which partially protects the city from the sea winds, you will see the restaurant Strandpaviljoen “Zee en Zo.”

In the vicinity of the park, which you see on the screen, is another popular campground of Petten, Corfwater. As for Watersnip, it takes about twenty minutes to walk to it. Camping offers a variety of accommodation options, from a place for the motorhome to a chalet or bungalow.