Vianen. Stork's Nest

Vianen is located near the capital of the local province of Utrecht. This small and quiet Dutch town attracted people’s attention after some storks made a nest on the roof of the local municipality and settled in the city center. They seem unusual against the background of the city roofs and chimneys — wildlife in the “concrete jungle”.

Right on the main page of the city website, among the standard sections like “schedule of clearing works” and “citizens complaints”, there is a “storks” section.

Vianen is know by many local motorists who regularly use one of the trails surrounding the city and leading from Utrecht to the other major cities of the country. The history of the city began in the middle of the XIV century in the time of Counts Brederode. Batestein is one of the country’s most beautiful castles, but other castles, and there are several of them, would also be of interest to tourists.