Zandvoort. View of the North Sea

In front of us there is a sandy beach of the Dutch resort town of Zandvoort. The camera is located at De Haven van Zandvoort café. We can see the summer terrace of this establishment, which in good weather is always crowded. Just behind the cafe there is Juttersmu-Zee-Um museum. The most unusual exhibits from a mammoth tooth to a piece of metal of the NASA rocket are collected there. Most of the exhibits are collected in the sea, they have been brought to the shore by tides.

Just 100 meters from the cafe there is another establishment that attracts to Zandvoort tourists from all over the Netherlands, this is Holland Casino. In addition to the entertainment venues along the coast, the city is famous for its “Ring of Zandvoort” race track, on which till 1985 “Formula 1” was held for 30 years.

The town began to develop as a resort since the beginning of the XIX century, before that for nearly 1,000 years Zandvoort was reputed to be a small fishing village. It can be reached by train from Haarlem just in 10 minutes, and at the beginning of the last century a tram went between the two cities.