Zoutelande. Weltevreden Camping

In front of us there is a classic camp for European tourists. In Weltevreden you can either stay in a small house, rent a tent or park in a special area for motorhomes. Usually people in Europe travel in cars replete with every comfort, so if you stop at such a camp, you can count on everything you need for your “home on wheels” : electricity, sewage and water.

If you do not use additional options, such as a car wash or a larger place in the parking lot, you can save a lot traveling with a large company. Getting ready for “Eurotrip”, be sure to mark on the map the Dutch artificial peninsula of Walcheren, where Weltevreden camping is. Its amazing landscapes and real Dutch villages like Zoutelande would pleasantly surprise you. Even in such wilderness many attractions like the Reformed Church of the XIII century can be found.