Bodø. Rønvik Pier

The Norwegian city of Bodø is in the north of the country. Built on the shores of the Norwegian Sea, Bodø received city status in 1816, and had been successfully developing for many years until it was almost completely destroyed by the Nazi Luftwaffe armed forces in 1940. But the very next year, Sweden helped Norway rebuild the city. One of the central areas is still called “Swedish Town.”

Bodø is known for its military bases and Royal Air Force complexes, NATO installations are based here. But in front of us, there is a new port in Rønvik bay, which is located near the main port of Bodø. As you can see, small private boats and yachts are moored to the pier.

On the opposite bank, we can see the buildings of Tromsøybuen AS and Bodø Sildoljefabrikk AS fish plants, as well as the local landmark Nyholmen skandse (a protective structure built in 1810).