Stary Sącz. The Market Square. View from the Restaurant Marysienka

The small and charming town of Stary Sącz, with its more than modest population not exceeding 10 thousand people, will definitely surprise many of us. First written reminding about this town are dating back to the 13th century. Stary Sącz has always been in the focus of the Europeans thanks to its favorable location right on the trade route to Hungary.

This town has a very long history and interesting culture. For example, some of its buildings have remained intact since the 14th century. Blue lakes and green gardens create a beautiful frame around the town. Local restaurants offer their hungry visitors authentic cuisine without any hint of globalization. One of these small and charming places is called “Marysienka”. Menu here consists of traditional and modern Polish cuisine only.

One of the popular attractions of Stary Sącz is the building of the old Franciscan Monastery, which today houses the Town Council.