Caniço. View of the Cape of Ponta do Garajau

In many areas of the island of Madeira, relief developed in such a way that from the windows of private houses and hotels one has an incredible view of the ocean. This is Ponta do Garajau. On it, a statue of Jesus Christ was put up, and at its foot there is the local beach, to which a sloping path leads. The statue resembles the famous statue of Christ in Brazil.

Like on many of the coasts with the rocky shore, diving is popular in Canico, because many unique algae and unseen fish can be seen not far from the land. The whales and sperm whales are frequent visitors of the coast of Madeira — you can see them without diving, you can just use binoculars mounted on most sightseeing points of the island.

From the windows of apartments, which are rented out, we can see what is happening in Canico. This apartment can be booked for as little as 50 euros per night. The hosts also organize airport transfer, which costs 25 euros.