Lajes do Pico. The Coast

Panoramic cameras in Lajes do Pico perfectly capture the full picture of the coast. Rocky coasts, a walking promenade, several roads, low cozy houses, a couple of hotels and the main street along the ocean, is what makes up the resort of Lajes do Pico.

The first camera shows mainly urban buildings and a car park close to the coast, the second camera transmits a more interesting picture. There are breakwaters and the main attraction of the island of Pico, the mountain of the same name, which is the highest of the Portuguese mountains.

Tourists come here for unique excursions for the observation of huge whales. Thanks to the professional guides of Espaço Talassa, the probability of encountering a whale is 98 percent! So if you’re lucky, you will be able to see dolphins or sperm whales.