Lisbon. 25 de Abril Bridge

In front of us is a suspension bridge in Lisbon, joining the capital of Portugal with the city of Almada. The bridge crosses the Tagus estuary and, in addition to the highway, there is a railroad on it. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the bridge project had been revised and amended for several decades but the construction didn’t start until 1962!

The construction lasted for forty-five months and, in 1966, Lisbon finally got the connection with Almada. The bridge got its modern name after the events of the April revolution in 1974. By the time of its opening, 25 de Abril Bridge was among the five largest bridges of this type, but now holds a position below the second ten in this ranking.

The height of the main tower is 190 meters above water level and the total bridge length is more than one kilometer. To the left of the bridge, you can see another attraction of Lisbon, Cristo Rei. The statue of Jesus Christ has a height of 28 meters, and its pedestal rises 190 meters above the River Tagus.