Lisbon. Basilica da Estrela

The Lisbon Basilica was built at the end of the eighteenth century by the order of Mary I. The Portuguese queen decided to commemorate the birth of her son, Jose. The construction lasted for eleven years, starting in 1779. Unfortunately, the son of the queen never saw the finished basilica because he suddenly died of smallpox, two years before the completion.

The dome of Basilica da Estrela is seen from many areas of the city, because the building is located on one of the hills, on the shore of the Tagus River.

The Basilica was built in the style of late baroque, but it has elements of classicism. Marble of three types, gray, pink and yellow, was used during the construction. In the foreground, we can see two bell towers. The statues of saints are installed on them. There are many paintings by Pompeo Batoni inside the Basilica.

Tourists who visit the Basilica like the nativity scene most of all. It consists of more than five hundred elements. The Estrela Basilica founder, Queen Mary I, is entombed there.