Lisbon. Marquis de Pombal Square

The camera in Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco is directed toward the river Tagus and Marques de Pombal Square. We are looking at the monument of the Portuguese statesman from a high building in Campo de Ourique. The monument was unveiled in 1934, but the competition for its development started in 1915.

In Lisbon there are many road junctions, and large automotive assemblies are often hidden from the eyes. Marquis tunnel goes under the square. The independence of Portugal was proclaimed on the site of the modern monument in 1910.

Sebastian Jose Pombal led the country during the age of Enlightenment, from 1750 to 1777. The sculpture is located at the top of the column and the governor’s hand lies on a lion (the symbol of Portuguese power).

You can go down to the Lisbon subway right from the square; the station was opened in the same year as the Metro of the Portugal capital, 1959.