Sagres. Martinhal Beach

The Portuguese resort of Sagres is known for its historical buildings and large sandy beaches. One of them we can see on the screen.

The long and wide beach, Martinhal, is located in the central part of Sagres. We are looking at it from the territory of the five-star Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel. Using this link, you can estimate how the price of the rooms (about 1,000 euros per night) corresponds to the level of services provided.

The fortress, Fortaleza de Sagres, rises on the opposite shore of the bay over the ocean. Many buildings of the fortress do not have any historical value because after the great earthquake in the eighteenth century, the original structure was severely damaged. So tourists coming to Cape Sagres see a structure recreated in the twentieth century.

Diving enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to explore the underwater caves of Sagres, as there are a lot of diving centers along the coast.