São Félix da Marinha. Coast. Beaches

The Atlantic coast in Portugal, as you see, is not built up by a variety of hotels and entertainment complexes. That is why tourists, who are tired of squeezing between the outlets, are so fond of this place. Local vast sandy beaches attract tourists with their pristine beauty.

At the bottom of the picture, we can see a large swimming pool and the sports grounds of Solverde Hotel. Solverde has a range of services for tourists, who come to relax in the town of São Félix da Marinha in the north of Porto. A hotel, casino, spa and fitness center, poker club, private golf club, bars and restaurants — any entertainment in Solverde is available to you.

You can get a standard room in this hotel for €100. Of course, this price does not include additional services, but their cost looks quite agreeable when compared to hotel rates in the major cities of Portugal. Three kilometers from the hotel, there is a surf school, which is suitable for beginners because the waves at this resort are rarely very large.