Kemerovo Region. Ski Resort Tanay

The Tanay Resort, well-located in between Novosibirsk and Kemerovo in the picturesque pristine environment, welcomes the careful of their health residents of the neighbouring Sibirian cities all year round.

In winter, in addition to health treatment and body spa, everyone interested can spend time going in for alpine skiing.

The resort is well equipped with all necessary facilities to provide comfort skiing independent of taiga weather conditions, the slopes are equipped with up-to-date ski lifts.

The length of each local piste is over 1,000 metres, and in between the skiing the one can have a meal and a rest in cafes and restaurants that are well located on top of the hills and in the valley, where all the pistes go down.

Cross-country skiing lovers will also enjoy favourable for skiing environment.

Children will definitely fancy the skating rink and the wild nature park.

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