Moscow. Neskuchnyi Garden. The Embankment

The camera on the Moskva River embankment is installed on the dance floor of Neskuchnyi Garden near the Pushkin pedestrian bridge, which is what we see in the background of the image.

Pair dance, Hustle, starts here daily from seven o’clock in the evening and lasts until the midnight, on the condition that the outdoor temperature is above 10 degrees. On this site you can learn details and the exact schedule, as well as subscribe to the SMS newsletters in order to not miss the exciting events on the dance floor.

There used to be a sculpture of “The Girl with the Paddle”, which was removed and then returned, back in Soviet times.

Tourists and residents of the capital can quickly get from Gorky Park to Frunze Embankment by the footbridge, built on the site of the former St. Andrew’s Bridge in 1999. The modern design has the elements of the old bridge, which celebrated 100 years in 2005.