Pitlochry. Crossroads of Atholl Road and Ferry Road

As in each provincial town, every resident of Pitlochry knows all the restaurants and cafes of the city. This camera is installed in one of them. Victoria’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop is open from 10 am until the last customer. When the weather is fine, they arrange tables at the intersection of Atholl Road and Ferry Road (we can see it in the center).

Less than 3,000 people live in Pitlochry, so almost every resident has visited this restaurant and, judging by the reviews, was pleased with the variety of the menu, which includes classic Scottish dishes and children’s meals, as well as a great wine list.

Atholl Road leads to the city center, but Pitlochry is known mostly for its suburbs. In the northwest is a golf club, Pitlochry Golf, and in the south are the well-known fishing stairs of the Tummel River.