Brežice. The Panoramic View

This webcam is from a small town of Brezice, which is located in eastern Slovenia, not far from the border with Croatia. The entire town of Brezice divided between Lower Styria (left bank of the Sava River) and Lower Carniola (right bank of the Sava River). Our webcam shows how the river cuts town in two.

This place has a long and interesting history. Enthusiasts of sightseeing will definitely evaluate the full significance of its architectural and cultural monuments. Among the most important are following tourist attractions:

The Lower Sava Valley Museum, located in Brezice Castle. It hosts permanent archaeological and ethnological exhibitions and is one of the largest museums in Slovenia. The Water Tower, representing the most noticeable building in Brezice. Another attraction is the bridge over the Sava and Krka rivers, which is 527 metres long and is made of iron.