Bloemfontein. City View

The South African city of Bloemfontein is situated on the border of the semi-desert Karoo region and the Highveld Hills . The prosperity of the city started with the rapid development of gold mining. Presently, Bloemfontein is one of the industrial centers of Africa, as well as a major transport center.

In the city, there are many attractions that are devoted to the history of the African people. For example, there is the National Museum, which is very popular among scientists from all over the world. The Memorial to Women, which is 37 meters high and built of sandstone, is another famous city site. It is dedicated to women and children who died in British concentration camps.

Two large parks, Golden Gate Highlands and Hamilton, have in their “collection” unusual sandy rocks and plants. In the first one, except for unusually shaped rocks, there are hawks, eagles, and ibises, and in Hamilton, as well as over 6000 different types of cherry trees.