Plettenberg Bay. The Bay

This webcam is located in the beautiful South African town called Plettenberg Bay. The town lies in a bay having the same name, right on the coast of the splendid Indian Ocean. The first Portuguese explorers called this bay “formosa” (what means beautiful) for the endless beauty of local nature. On the opposite side the town is protected by the Tsitsikamma mountains from the atmospheric circulations coming from the inner part of the continent.

Pettenberg Bay offers its visitors different scenarios for vacation, starting from a classic lazy beach vacation, to diving or conquest of the 3-metres high waves in the bay, as well as the intense night life with all the essential additions.

Our webcam is turned in the direction of the coast and shows kilometres of its almost virgin beach. The six public beaches, comprising the local beachline, are one better than another.

Proximity of the Indian Ocean promises amazing memories from meeting with whales, dolphins and cramp-fishes. Diving in the local waters is something that you just cannot miss.