Cambrils. Camping Joan Bungalow Park

Camping Joan Bungalow Park is located on the coast of the beautiful Balearic Sea, 2 kilometers from the village of Cambrils and 102 kilometres from the beautiful city of Barcelona. Joan Bungalo Park offers its guests a wide range of accommodation options, from cozy bungalows and apartments with sea view to mobil-homes with all necessary equipment.

This camping place is situated right in front of the La Ardiaca beach, a fine sand beach with quiet waters and a breakwater (and, last but not least, with a wide range of water sports and sailing activities). In addition, all guests of Joan Bungalow Park are free to use local swimming pool, two restaurants, supermarket and entertainment complexes for children and adults.

If you want to spice up your lazy beach vacation with some cultural and historical experiences, do not forget to visit the Roman theatre of Tarraco, situated just some 10 kilometers from this camping. This is a Roman theatre built in Tarraco (which is the ancient name of present-day Tarragona) in imperial Roman times, in the 2nd century AD. It had a large underground section with rooms used for gladiators and beasts, and featured various lifting mechanisms (what should be considered as something very modern for those times, by the way).

Beautiful Tarragona itself lies some 25 kilometers from Camping Joan Playa Cambrils. Use one day of your vacation and explore this wonderful city with its interesting landmarks. Among them are many relicts from the Roman times (for example, roman walls, citadel, circus and amphitheater), Les Ferreres Aqueduct, the amazing Tarragona Cathedral (dating to the 12th-13th centuries), the archiepiscopal palace, numerous museums, and much more.