Potes. The Cantabrian Mountains

Potes is a small mountain village in the north of Spain. That’s why even the central part of this settlement offers beautiful views. The camera next to the cultural center is directed toward the bridge over Río Quiviesa and the high Cantabrian mountains located in the suburbs of Potes.

The mountain in the background is one of the mountain systems in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, which spread out over a vast area of 500 kilometers along the Bay of Biscay, from the Basque Country to the Galicia border. The highest point of the Cantabrian Mountains is Torre de Cerredo, which is 2,648 meters above sea level.

The Cantabrian mountains are very popular with climbers and hikers. That is why in the streets of Potes, you can meet tourists with tents, sleeping bags, tourist backpacks, and other items that can be useful on the way to the mountain peaks.

As you can see, the slopes of the mountain are partly covered by forests, which can protect you on hot summer days.

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