Potes. Captain Palacios Square

A small town, like the Spanish town of Potes, Captain Palacios Square is located at the intersection with Calle Cántabra Street. There is a round arbor with columns, benches, and a pedestrian pavement is on the square.

It is surrounded by many restaurants and cafes, as well as hotels where tourists who come to visit the Cantabrian Mountains.

The square is divided into two parts, lower and upper. There is a walking area close to the motor road, and the tables of restaurants are situated below.

Captain Palacios Square is named after a Spanish officer, a native of Potes. He spent 11 years in the Gulag and in 1954, with other prisoners, returned to Spain and became a writer. His books describe terrible Soviet camps.

We can also see the typical Spanish urban development and the slopes of the Cantabrian Mountains.

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