Updated on Sat 4 Nov 2017

North Spanish Salinas resort on the Atlantic Ocean is a number of gorgeous sandy beaches and sports centers all along the coastline. In one of these centers, there are cameras, which are directed to the west and east, covering the entire coast of Salinas .

Real Club Náutico de Salinas is a yacht club, and a restaurant, and a sports center with a swimming pool on the ocean. During its century-long history, the club has become famous throughout Spain and now in order to visit it, it is necessary to make a prior reservation. On the territory of the Real Club, there are several tennis courts, which deal with both amateurs and professionals.

The history of Salinas is closely linked to the club activities, its success was the impetus for the development of the resort. Now here is based is one of the largest in the region surf training centers and a music festival with an audience of thousands. Aside from the beach, visitors can walk along the Salinas four parks or have a bike ride on special tourist routes.

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