San Miguel de Tajao. Callao Hondo Street

Tenerife is primarily known as a major tourist resort, but there are settlements where you can hardly find any tourists. Here, we can see such a village, San Miguel de Tajao. Fishing is well developed here and many local residents are engaged in this sphere.

The camera is installed at the intersection of Callao Hondo and Calle El Charo. There are several restaurants, where fish dishes are widely available. El Rocás, Tenerife sur, Agua y Sal (the camera is installed on this building), these and other restaurants will please you with their cuisine, as well as low prices, because San Miguel de Tajao is located away from the major resorts of Tenerife and is not spoiled by the number of guests.

Near the intersection is a children’s park, as well as all the basic facilities of the village, since its area is only about 0.2 square kilometers. The village fishing port is only 250 meters from the restaurant, Agua y Sal.