Adelboden. Hotel Adler Adelboden

The hotel and restaurant, Adler Adelboden, is located in the picturesque Swiss village, surrounded by high mountains. Popular ski resorts are situated there. Trails for lovers of extreme sports, like Regenboldshorn and Gsur, are open on the Alpine mountains.

One hundred fifty meters from the hotel is the cableway, Adelboden-TschentenAlp, which leads to Tschenten station. Several tracks start from here and go in different directions. Near the station, you can rent a house or visit a mountain restaurant. Adelboden has a small area and is very densely built-up but, in just a couple of minutes, tourists and locals can get to village meadows, which offer excellent views of the mountains.

A simple room at Adler Adelboden is about €100; it’s a twenty meter room with a view of the north or northeast. The price does not include the use of the lift. This basic minimum price increases by one-and-a-half times in the winter season.