Altstätten. The Border of Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein

We are at an altitude of 1795 meters above sea level. This is the mountain peak of Hoher Kasten, through which the border of the Swiss cantons of St. Gallen and Appenzell Innerrhoden are laid. The camera faces east, towards the border of Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.

The most demanding tourists, who are accustomed to comfortable holidays, can rise to the top of the mountain on the cable car and enjoy the panoramic views of the border villages from the rotating restaurant, Drehrestaurant Hoher Kasten.

The camera is directed towards Wallgau Valley. Besides municipalities, built on the banks of the Rhine River and belonging to different countries, we can see high Austrian mountains. There are several popular ski resorts such as Seilbahnen Laterns and Damüls — Mellau — Faschina Skischaukel.