Wengen. Ski resort Jungfrau Ski Region

The camera is installed on the lift station Männlichen LWM and GGM, at an altitude of 2,230 meters.

You can use all the lifts of Jungfrau Ski Region on a single subscription. A ski pass for three days costs 200 euros, and taking into account the cost of living and eating in local restaurants, it is better to come to this resort with your own sports equipment.

Mountain Männlichen, which we see on the screen, is located next to one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland, Jungfrau. It gave the name to the ski resort. Just think, the Jungfrau peaks are twice higher than the place where the camera is installed. The mountain is famous not only for its prodigious height, but also the highest mountain railway in Europe. In addition, it is popular with climbing enthusiasts.

By the way, this is where the first World Cup in alpine skiing was held in 1931.