Zermatt. Gornergrat Railway

Gornergrat Ski Resort is famous for not only its beautiful trails, but also for its unique mountain railway station where the camera is installed. We are at an altitude of 3089 meters. Trains arrive here by cog railway of the Abt system from the city of Zermatt.

The difference in height between the bottom and top of the railway station is almost 1.5 kilometers! This makes the Gornergrat the second highest railway in Europe. The width of the road track is only one meter, so you need to change to an ordinary train at the station in Zermatt in order to leave the resort.

The Gornergrat railway was opened in the beginning of the last century and became a world landmark. On the way to the top of the mountain, tourists pass through four tunnels, two bridges and a covered gallery, 770 meters long.