Kathu. Patong

Patong Bay is located in the western part of the island. We can see a park in a suburb of Kathu, as well as the main part of the resort town. The mountains of the Kammala area hide the resort from the bad weather.

As you can see, the city is built in a single white style. There are no multistory buildings in Kathu. Only a few buildings rise above the city (they can be seen in the right part of the image, in the background). They are the Andaman Beach Suites and, a hotel popular with the Russians, The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa.

Patong Bay is known among tourists because of the beach of the same name, which stretches along the entire Kathu. There are no hotels on the beach, so vacationers may choose any part of Patong in which to stay.

Next to the building, where the camera is installed, is Phuket Simon Cabaret.