Khao Lak. Beach of the Briza Beach Resort Hotel

Phang Nga is one the picturesque provinces of Thailand. It offers its guests many significant natural and cultural monuments. Local beachfront is renowned worldwide for being one of the greatest, but many of the temples, waterfalls and ancient villages situated in the neighborhood can easily surpass it in the eyes of an experienced traveler.

One of the popular attraction is the famous Cave of Paradise and Hell, located not far from the city of Phang Nga. It is famous first of all for its picturesque statues of souls suffering in Hell.

Other places on your “must see” list can be Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park with its famous Lam Ru Waterfall of 5 levels, the Elephant Head Rock and some of the beautiful local temples (if you like architecture in general or specifically religious buildings in Thai style). Those who are interested in diving are recommended to visit the Similan National Park, which is very popular thanks to its great dive sites.

This view is from the Briza Beach Resort.