Ko Pha Ngan. Phangan Bayshore Resort and Spa

First of all, Ko Pha Ngan is a resort island, so let us now take a look at the list of the top local beaches. The best places to get dark and relaxed are located in the island’s southern part.

The most popular (and very often overcrowded) beach of Ko Pha Ngan is called Haad Rin. Note that it lies on the island’s southern tip. If you drive directly to the east, you will reach more picturesque and lonely places like Thong-Nai-Pan and Than Sadet.

Choose the beach of Mae Haad, if you are the one who is keen on snorkeling. Mae Haad beach lies in the western part of Ko Pha Ngan and, apart from offering best conditions for snorkeling, features unforgettable and stunning sea views at the sunset.

The view is from the Phangan Bayshore Resort & Spa.