Mae Sai. The Ruak River

The border between Thailand and Myanmar, at Mae Sai province, goes along the Ruak River, which you see on the screen. The mouth of this river is located in the popular tourist spot known as the “Golden Triangle.” The river is considered to be the symbol of Mae Sai district, so residents of the province in the north of Thailand treat the border river with great respect.

Until 2016, the people of Myanmar could get to Mae Sai on simplified rules but the Thai government has tightened the immigration policy since then, so many trade links between the neighboring regions of different countries have been violated.

Mae Sai was established in 1939. It is, therefore, considered one of the youngest provinces in the country. The area around the river, as you can see, is very densely built but there are some small parks. For example, the Northern Most of Thailand Park is located near the Mae Sai border checkpoint, on the border with the Myanmar Tachayleyk area.