Pattaya. View of the Center of Jomtien Area

The camera in the southern district of Phattaya, Jomtien, is installed in Studio View Talay 5. The windows of cheap apartments (only $260 per week for a three-room apartment) offer a panorama of the city and its environs. We look to the north, where the central beaches of Phattaya and the main attractions of the city are situated.

In the right part of the image are high-rise hotels, houses and condominiums, but your attention is certainly attracted by the high tower of Phattaya Park Beach Resort. The 55-story building, with a revolving restaurant and an observation deck, has become a real hallmark of the resort.

Hotel Phattaya Park Beach Resort is located at the beginning of Jomtien beach, which stretches for several kilometers along the Gulf of Thailand. The top of the tower can be reached either by the elevator or the cable way. Near the hotel is a theme park with exciting rides and a water park.