Pattaya. Walking Street

Well, since you just happened upon the street of easy virtue, let us tell you more about what’s what. Of course, you can visit the Walking Street to have look, but make sure not to touch, and, most importantly, don’t buy anything for the night! Usually, however, the street’s typical visitors are there for more than just curiosity.

Visitors of the most famous street in Pattaya (which turns into a pedestrian street after 6pm) are drawn primarily by the go-go clubs located up and down the road. Although, if you’re especially eager and interested in saving some money, you can pick up someone right on the street.

As far as the clubs go, entrance is free, but don’t think you’ll able to stare at scantily clad girls for nothing (there’s also no guarantee they’re all one hundred percent girls). You have to buy a drink, sales of which constitute the majority of a club’s revenue, since the drinks here cost several times what you’d pay at a store. At any rate, you’re allowed to choose a companion from among the ladies working at the club.