Phuket. Sarasin Bridge

The bridges you see on the screen connect Phuket to mainland Thailand. Earlier on, this place was a ferry that eventually ceased to cope with the traffic flow. You can get to Phuket resorts either by air or by sea.

There is an old bridge, Sarasin, along the road. It has become a pedestrian zone since 2011, when car traffic was directed over the new bridge, Thepkasattri. Closer to the opposite shore, on the strait of the Andaman Sea, you can see the viewing platform which can be reached directly from the Sarasin bridge, connecting the island with Khok Kloi district.

Sarasin Bridge was built in 1967 and was named after the Minister of the Ministry of National Development of Thailand, Pote Sarasin. The bridge is 660 meters long.