İzmir. The Coast

This webcam is located in the beautiful and ancient city of Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city after Ankara and Istanbul. Izmir has a very long and interesting history with its earliest records dating back even to 1000 BC.

Camera’s objective captures the central square of Izmir, Konak Meydani (or Konak Square). Here are situated the most part of the administrative offices, numerous commercial and business areas, plus shops, clubs and important transport hubs (a bus terminal and a marine passenger terminal). The Izmir Clock Tower, seen in the center of the picture, is one of the popular local tourist attractions. The tower is 25 metres high and has four beautiful fountains placed at its foot.

Alongside the coast of the splendid Aegean Sea lie the residential area consisting of common multistory houses with wonderful sea-views.

Somewhere in the Jewish quarter lies hidden another beautiful landmark of Izmir, the famous Asansor Building. There is an elevator inside this structure aimed to help people get from the lower part of the road to the upper one, which lies 50 metres higher. Today, on the very top of this building, we can find a wonderful observation platform with stunning views over the entire city, the Harbour and the Gulf of Izmir.