This webcam is located in the city of Berehovo (or Beregovo), in Zakarpattia Oblast of western Ukraine. City has many interesting historical and architectural landmarks. With its almost one thousand years old history it has seen different rulers, various kingdoms and diverse times. Due to proximity to the Ukrainian border with Hungary, Berehovo serves today as a cultural centre of the Hungarian expat community in Ukraine.

We are now observing the Koshut Square and buildings around it. In the left part of the picture we can see the newspaper publishing house Kárpátinfo Hetilap, a bit further — the Ferenc Rákóczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute.

To the right can be seen one of the main architectural landmarks of the city, the Catholic Church of Berehovo, which dominates over the entire cityscape. This webcam is located on the facade of the building of community center, built on the site of the local Synagogue, demolished under the soviet era.

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