George Town. The Inner Harbor Area

Grand Cayman Port is located in Georgetown, on the western part of the island of Grand Cayman. We can say that in front of us is the center of the port. There is a restaurant, Green Parrot Bar & Grill, a souvenir shop and a travel agency, and Discount Excursions Grand Cayman, the customers of which can be seen on the screen almost every day.

There are usually groups of tourists or leisure travelers waiting for their flight under the sheds. On the information pillar, which is in the right part of the picture, information about the Duty Free shops on the island of Grand Cayman is provided.

By the way, one of these Duty Free shops is located just behind the building, which you see on the screen. Flagship is a shopping center, where you can find products for every taste, from alcohol to sports equipment for diving.