Gulval. Restless Temple Sculpture

First of all, contemporary art is intended to surprise the viewer. Such a creation can be seen in the vicinity of the village of Galvan in the southernmost point of England. The Restless Temple is located in Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, which presents unusual exhibits.

Here you can look at insects and plants through a giant magnifying glass, try unusual dishes in Lime Tree café, and of course marvel at the sight of Restless Temple, which represents an ancient Greek temple and begins to move in strong winds. On assurances of the author of this masterpiece, he does not know himself how strong the construction of the Restless Temple is, so he advises everyone to see his work of art with their own eyes as soon as possible.

In addition to this attraction, in Galvale you can look at the examples of traditional architectural attractions that do not lose their relevance over the years. The local church has been here for more than 500 years, but it still takes parishioners and guests from around the country.