Hastings. The Coast and the city pier

We are on the promenade of the English resort town of Hastings. Grand Parade Street, which you see on the screen, stretches along the entire coast. Right behind it is Hastings Beach. The camera is installed near Hastings Pier, which we see in the background.

Built in 1872, the pier was gaining popularity every year and was one of the main points of attraction for visitors of Hastings. In the 1960s, concerts of popular singers were held there. The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Genesis, Tom Jones and Pink Floyd performed there. Unfortunately, by the end of the century, the pier became dilapidated and, in 2010, was destroyed by fire.

The new pier was opened in April, 2016. In front of it is a concert hall, White Rock Theatre, another popular Hastings place for performances of rock musicians.