Oxford. Broad Street

This camera is installed in the building of Oxford Martin School. The uniqueness of the University of Oxford is that some of the major world studies are held here. More than 200 specialists work on global problems and applied tasks faced by humanity in the XXI century.

We can see Broad Street, on which many Oxford attractions are situated. In general, the entire city can be called an open-air museum. Right here, we can see the famous library Clarendon Building located on the left side of the road, Sheldonian Theatre is hiding behind it and Bodleian Library is a little bit farther. If you go along this street, you can get to the Museum of the History of Science, to the building of Oxford New Theatre, where celebrations are held, and also visit some other well-known places in Oxford.

In the background on the left side of the screen you can see the spire of Exeter College. Watching the traffic on this camera, you can notice that cycling dominates over driving — students and teachers prefer eco-friendly mode of transport.