Polzeath. Hale Bay

The small seaside resort of Polzeath (the name translates as “dry creek”) is primarily known among the British for its private beach. Despite the fact that the weather in this region is rarely good and suitable for a beach holiday, tourists can be found here at almost any time of year.

Polzeath House is perhaps the most famous house in these parts, because it was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century and since then it has been the real attraction of Polzeath. Tourists pay about £300 per night to enjoy its magnificent interiors and beach location.

There are also more economical accommodation options, from small houses and apartments, to a place for a tent or motorhome in a campground, such as Tristram Camping Park, where you can rent a plot of land 10 times cheaper than in Polzeath House. But the most daring tourists camp out right on the beach of Hale Bay.