Anacapa Island. The Bay

The volcanic island of Anacapa, near the mainland of California, is part of Channel Islands National Park. We are looking at the northeastern tip of the island, where the last US lighthouse was built, in front of Landing Bay.

A small beacon appeared on the island in 1912, and a modern lighthouse was built 20 years later. The lighthouse is in front of the Santa Barbara Canal. The 12-meter tower was built on the highest point of Anacapa Island.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see how the waves of the Pacific hit against the sheer cliffs of the island. Anacapa is conventionally divided into three zones — the western, central, and eastern zones. Another attraction of the eastern part, in front of which this webcam is installed, is the arch of Anacapa. This stone arch of natural origin has a height of 12 meters and is often used in the advertising booklets of the island.

On the screen, you can see different animals and birds. On the island, there are about 69 species of birds, as well as unique animals, such as the peromyscus maniculatus, spotted iguana, and elgaria multicarinata.