Big Sky Resort. The center of the Village. Mountain Village

Big Sky is the largest US ski resort. It is located in Montana and was opened in 1973. Now its total area is more than two thousand hectares! We are looking at the main buildings and offices of the resort, which are located at a height of 2 thousand meters above sea level. In the background you can see Lone Mountain, the top of which can be reached by a ski lift, which was opened 22 years after the construction of the first slopes of Big Sky Resort.

In summer, the resort lifts never stop operating, because tourists come here from all over the country to enjoy wonderful views of the Big Sky area from the mountains. 100 meters from the place where the camera is installed are outdoor tennis courts, functioning in summer.

Andiamo Italian Grille restaurant is on the right side of the screen and Lone Peak Playhouse is on the left side. The camera is installed in J P Woolies gift shop.