Burbank. Panorama of the City

The camera is on the southern outskirts of the city. It shows a city skyline, high hills in the background and the situation on the roads near The Tower Burbank, the highest building of the city. Now, the 140-meter skyscraper is called simply, The Tower, in order not to be confused with the eponymous tower of the local airport.

Burbank is considered the unofficial “media capital of the world.” Here are the headquarters of legendary companies, such as The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., Viacom, Cartoon Network, DiC Entertainment, NBC, BBC, ABC, Nickelodeon, Warner Music Group, as well as Yahoo! Offices of these companies appear periodically in the image from the camera.

In the background, we can see mountains and national parks, Wildwood Canyon, La Tuna Canyon and Verdugo Mountain Park.

When the camera faces east, you can see West Olive Avenue and Ventura Freeway.