Burlington. Church Street Marketplace District

We are in Church Street in downtown of Burlington. The city’s largest open-air shopping center is opened there. Church Street Marketplace was built in 1981 and since then all the major holidays and festivals of Burlington have been held there. The area is named after the church, located at the end of the street.

Every year, this place is visited by about 3 million people, including many tourists from other states and from outside the country. Footpaths, which are much more numerous than car tracks, are perfect for a pleasant pastime in the city center.

Literally at every step, restaurants and shops, street performers and musicians, rentals of bicycles and modern urban vehicles such as Segways and Solowheels are waiting for you. Most recently, Church Street Marketplace became a smoke-free zone, so it is usual to walk here with the whole family. The sightseeing camera is near Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea and is directed along Church St. With its help, you can get a clear idea of how many people a day pass this place.

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