Carolina. Isla Verde Beach

Isla Verde and the beach of the same name are located near Luis Muñoz Marina International Airport. If you don’t mind hearing airplanes landing and soaring into the sky, then welcome to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort is located between the cities of Carolina and San Juan.

Carolina Airport formally belongs to the area of Isla Verde, and for almost 30 years, it has been called “Isla Verde International Airport.” In recent years, passenger traffic has decreased by 10-15%; now, the airport serves 8-9 million passengers a year.

As you can see, high-rise hotels and residential buildings have been built right by the water and offer stunning views of the northern coast of the island. San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel is one of them. A double room in this four-star hotel costs 265 US dollars.

Isla Verde Beach is followed by Punta El Medio in the east, we can see it in the background. You can see Isla Verde, a small island in the ocean near the coast. The area is known for its preeminent residents, who owned houses and apartments here. The famous singer, Ricky Martin, lived there.

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