Christiansted. Caravelle Hotel and Casino

Two cameras are installed in Caravelle Hotel and Casino, Christiansted, US. You can gamble on the distant Virgin Islands of the Caribbean and rent comfortable rooms for $170 per night. On the screen, you can see the hotel grounds with its parking lot. Not far from the casino is Christiansted’s hydroelectric airport.

Fans of gambling come to the Virgin Islands not only for the sake of easy money. On the shores of the island, there are many well-equipped beaches, and on the local marinas, you can always rent a boat to go in the open sea or go fishing.

The Caravelle Hotel and Casino is built in the historic center of Christiansted. The closest restaurant to the hotel is RumRunners. Group and private tours of the island, sailing, and scuba diving are organized there. The hotel has its own outdoor pool.

In just a few minutes, guests of the resort can reach tennis courts, golf courses, and other facilities.

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