Conway. View of Mount Washington

Conway is a small town, but it is the most populous in Carroll County. 400 years ago, Pekvoket Indians lived there. In 1725, after fierce fighting, the natives of these areas were driven out, and then the construction of the city of Conway began 40 years later.

In foggy weather, only the ledge of Whitehorse is visible, but on a clear day stunning views of Mount Washington can be seen. In the days of the Indians, this mountain was called Agiocochook (literally “Place of the Great Spirit”). The first descriptions of this mountain are dated back to the year of 1524, when an Italian navigator noticed it from a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. The peak of this mountain is located at an altitude of 1917 meters and is the highest in the north-eastern United States.

This mountain is almost entirely located in the territory of White Mountain National Forest. Washington is very popular among fans of tourism, as well as cyclists, who organize various competitions there.

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